Rules of the Tournament

Tournament Format

Men and Women will play in separate competitions. At the discretion of the organizers byes may be used to regulate the format to either pools of four or three.
1. Teams will be formed into pools depending on the number of teams entered. Guarantee is 4 games per team; maximum is 5 games if competing through to finals.
2. All decisions regarding the seeding of teams and the draw shall be the sole responsibility of the Tournament Organizers.
3. The competitions will begin with teams playing each of the other teams within their Pool.
4. In each Pool game, 4 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, 1 bonus point for a loss by seven points or less, 1 bonus point for scoring four or more tries in a match. No extra time to determine a winner will be played.

Knock-out Standings

5. At the end of the preliminary round, teams in the Men’s Elite and Club Pools will play two more games against teams in the other pool. All Men’s Elite teams will then be ranked in an Overall Elite Pool based on their results from the day. All Men’s Club teams will then be ranked in an Overall Club Pool based on their results from the day.
At the end of the preliminary round, teams in the Women’s Pools will play in a Semi Final depending on their position in the pool.
The finals will be handled thus:
Women Cup – Winners of the two semi finals will progress to the cup final
Men Club Cup - 1st placed team from Overall Club Pool will play 2nd placed team from Overall Club Pool
Men Elite Cup - 1st placed team from Overall Elite Pool will play 2nd placed team from Overall Elite Pool

Duration of Matches

6. The duration of all Pool, Semi-final and Final games will be 7 minutes each way, with a one-minute interval at half time. Time will be added for injury and other lost time stoppages at the discretion of the Referee. A team that is more than 5 minutes late will default the game and the opposing team will gain 21 points and 3 tries.
7. If there is a tie at the end of a Semi-final, the winner will be the scorer of the first try. If no tries have been scored then the winner will be the scorer of the first points. If no points have been scored then the winner will be decided by the toss of a coin.
8. In a Final, extra time in periods of five minutes with a one-minute break between will be played. The team scoring first in extra time will be declared the winner (Sudden Death). Before extra time starts, the referee will organise a coin toss. One captain tosses a coin and the other captain calls to see who wins the toss. The winner of the toss decides whether to kick off or choose an end.
9. Players may take liquids during play provided by a team official other than the coach but only from the touch line. There is to be no time out for this purpose and the game is not to be interrupted in any way.

Composition of Teams

10. Each side shall be comprised of up to 7 players on the playing area at any time. Please note that only registered players can participate in the John Jones Montreal Sevens tournament. Each team is responsible to ensure that all players are registered through their respective provincial rugby unions and are thus eligible to play in the Tournament. Players can register for a temporary registration with Rugby Quebec online by clicking here. Choose Quebec - Montreal Irish - John Jones Temp Reg. A Waiver will require completion at the time of entry.
11. The Registered Team List, complete with team member’s name, and signature, must be handed to the Tournament Marshall NLT 30 minutes before the team’s first match. This list cannot be changed without the approval of the Tournament Marshall and will remain with him until the end of the Tournament.
12. A team which can only field 7 or fewer players will not be permitted to enter the Tournament however, before a team’s first match, if a team borrows players to complete their player’s list, then those ‘borrowed’ players must remain playing with that team only and must be registered as in Rule 11. above.
13. All team playing jerseys must be of contrasting colors with opposition jerseys. Teams should be prepared with back up set of Jerseys in alternative colors.
14. During the ‘knock-out phase’ of the Tournament and subject to the Tournament Marshall’s approval, a team may borrow a maximum of 2 players to replace injured members, but only from teams which have already been eliminated from the Tournament and who have played in the same or a lower level knock-out competition as themselves (i.e. Cup, Plate or Bowl). A player in this circumstance must continue playing for his ‘new’ team for the remainder of the Tournament while the replaced, injured player can take no further part in the Tournament.
15. An exception to the above occurs where a team registers less than the number of players permitted to play (i.e. 12) in the Tournament, then replacements during the ‘knock-out phase’ will only be permitted to replace injured players from the original, registered, players list.

Team Changes

16. The Tournament Marshall will endorse all changes to a team’s original player’s list and any unauthorized changes may result in a team’s disqualification.

Laws of the Tournament

The Tournament will be played under the Laws of the Game of Rugby Football as framed by World Rugby (2018 Edition) and the World Rugby 2018 Seven-a-Side Variations apply to this Tournament, with the following exceptions:


17. Law 3. Teams may nominate no more than 5 replacement / substitutes. Only 5 may be used per game.

Access to the Pitch

18. Law 6C 2. During play, only medically trained persons, with the consent of the Referee, will be allowed to enter the playing area. However, at the interval, officials and non-playing members of the team will also be allowed to enter the playing area. Team members acting as water boys must wear distinctive clothing as identification.
19. All touch judges are referees, appointed to assist the John Jones Montreal Sevens Organizing Committee. Laws 6B and 10 will be applied in relation to the reporting of foul play or misconduct.

Kickoff & Re-starts

20. All kickoffs and restarts to be drop-kicks with off-side offences by the kicker’s team and kicking the ball dead , or the ball being made dead in-goal immediately by the receiving team, to be a free kick to the receiving team at the center.
21. Law 9.B.1. After a try has been scored the kick at goal must be a drop kick and must be taken within 30 seconds of the try having been scored. The kick will be disallowed if the kicker does not take the kick in the time allowed. All penalty kicks at goal to be drop-kicks.

Sending Off & Sin Bin

22. A player sent off by a Referee under Law 10 will not play again in the Tournament. The Referee will send a written report to the Constituent Body of the Rugby Union to which the player’s team belongs.
23. The sin-bin will be used throughout the Tournament. A player sin-binned, shall remain at the half-way line under Referee control for 2 minutes. The sin-bin will not replace a situation where a player is sent off under Law 10.
24. Any team found in breach of these Rules & Laws may be disqualified from further participation in the Tournament.

Organizer’s Discretion

25. The Laws of the Tournament, including their interpretation and any additional Laws, Rules and Regulations are at the sole discretion of the Tournament Organizers, whose decision shall be final.